The Warrior Mentality and its Place in Society

  The mindset of a warrior is considered to be antiquated in Europe, and North America, where relative peace has settled over the lands. The idea that a man is trained from boyhood to become one with the hardships of fighting is thought of as unnecessary, and “toxic.” To someone who is of this modern world, the idea of the warrior mindset is that of someone who is always on edge or seeking to engage in some sort of fight. Modernity has so far tamed the true nature of humanity as to have neutered man and made him unfamiliar with the reality of the world. We are all unsafe, and living in a world of struggle, and turmoil.

     This unsafe world, which is full of natural, and unnatural forces that can destroy man- must be survived, as opposed to simply lived in. If one is to realize their true potential, they must have the mental fortitude to do so. This mental fortitude can oftentimes be mistaken by modernity as belligerent anger, or unwillingness to work within accepted conduct. The warrior mindset is often misrepresented as sociopathy or malevolence. The reason for this is because a warrior does not bow to weakness or malevolence; thus modernity cannot corrupt a warrior minded individual. One who has the mindset of a warrior will actively fight against modernity in whatever way will help him achieve the culture he wishes to protect.

     For millennia men were trained from youth in order to protect their culture from malevolent, and alien forces. This involved both intense physical struggle, and training, in addition to the breaking down of the ego. Through this training, man learned about himself, his homeland, and the world. Like a knife to the whetstone, a man had to grind himself into the shape which would benefit him in battle. As a result of what these men would go through, a certain manner of carrying themselves, as well as an outlook on the world would manifest within them. To the uninitiated, it would appear to be intimidating, or cold. In reality, it is truth.

     In war, there is no time or room for lies. One cannot allow for sugar-coated words to cloud judgment, or stay the hand. Quick, and direct action must be taken. It must be understood that a refusal to do something when confronted with an issue is akin to bringing the issue upon oneself. A great example of how the absence of the warrior mindset leads to death is in the award-winning World War II movie Saving Private Ryan. A skittish, and naive Pvt. Upham allows a German soldier to go free after he was nearly executed by the American soldiers who had captured him. Upham had refused to let go of the lies about the world that he had been taught for his entire life. Later on in the movie, he finds that the soldier he helped to spare, had found his way back to his camp; and was partaking in the killing of more American soldiers.

     To the uninitiated, Upham’s mercy in the former situation may have seemed to be a noble thing. The goal was to avoid bloodshed, and he did; however, only for the time being. His actions lead to the death of more of his brothers in arms at the hands of the man that he had saved. In the movie, we are meant to forgive him for all of this, because after the damage had been done; Upham finally ends up killing that singular German. The modern person may look at Upham’s actions and believe he is a level headed and just man. In reality, Upham was a coward, as can be seen when in one scene he allows another German soldier to kill his friend; while he cried about it outside the room. It was never about morality, or justice with Upham. It was about an unwillingness to do what needed to be done to assure that his friends, family, and culture were protected. He simply hid behind morality.

     Most who are unable to manifest the warrior spirit or mindset tend to use morals, logic, and reasoning as a shield to protect them. Many pacifists will drone on about the merit of arguments over action. They will claim that any, and all violence is detestable and that only those with low I.Q.s or bad philosophies are capable of it. It is all a bid to disarm those who are capable of fighting back. They then expand the definition of violence to include anything that culminates in resistance to their agenda. Simply refusing to acknowledge lies as truth becomes violence under the systems imposed by cowards. The next step after the warrior mindset is suppressed is to enact a system of morality that directly benefits the coward and subjugates the warrior, and anyone else the coward deems to be a threat. Modernity has done this already. Those who have a warrior mindset, and wish to resist will be brow-beaten and persecuted. Those who do not have the warrior mindset, but still understand what is wrong with modernity will try and fail to fight it from within the confines of what it allows them to do.

     A perfect example of this is to see how the modern left labels the act of “misgendering” someone as violence towards them. Those who disagree are disarmed by accusations of hatred. Those who reject the science-denial are considered to be violent people who are doing material or physical harm to trans people. After successfully cornering the world, we are now seeing our institutions embrace this aspect of modernity.

     Children are being brought around perverts to learn how to be perverted. People who speak out are fired from their jobs and having their bank accounts closed. They are being “canceled” for speaking out in a manner that is deemed unacceptable. Those who defend themselves from death or grievous bodily harm by the left are arrested, and convicted, while the instigators of the violence are allowed to be let free; and even enjoy special treatment by the institutions they have infiltrated. One must agree with lies. One is not allowed to speak out against them. One must be willing to be killed by the people who propagate these lies. If not, then they are committing violence.

     A strawman of the warrior is presented by cowards that is meant to show them as brutish, unintelligent, and unreasonable individuals. The reality is that a warrior understands when it is time to fight, and when to talk. Warfare from years ago contained an etiquette that was followed wherein commanders would meet in the middle of the killing field before a battle would commence. In this meeting, there were discussions, negotiations, and debates regarding whether or not they should even be fighting the battle. Warriors understand that bloodshed is not something that should be strived for. If a fight should become unavoidable then there is nothing else to do, but to embrace it in the interest of survival. All other possibilities should be exhausted before this inevitability. For this reason, there is a paradoxical understanding which still exists to this day that the warrior not only understands, but also loves, and wishes for peace the most out of those around him.

     Warriors of the past were typically very well rounded individuals by design. Spartan soldiers were known to be poets and taught to sing in choral arrangements. The Samurai were known to be great artists. These were not simply hobbies, but they were to be expected of these men. In order to be fit for war, a man had to understand and appreciate peace. If the warrior thirsted for bloodshed or forgot what he was meant to protect, he would become engulfed by his thirst; which would be the downfall of himself, and his culture.

     “In a war, there are many moments for compassion and tender action. There are many moments for ruthless action, what is often called ruthless, what may in many circumstances be only clarity. Seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it. Directly, quickly, awake, looking at it.” -Walter Kurtz (Apocalypse Now 1979, Coppola)


By: Sean Perth and Revolt Through Tradition

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