Revolt Through Tradition

about US

Metapolitical organization acting as a force of resistance and promoting a revival of the legionary spirit, as well as building culture behind the New American Right.

 True power lives in cultural hegemony, not in the police, military or the state; for those controlling the cultural spectrum are also in charge of decision-making and ruling the masses. We view politics as a spiritual orientation and worldview while opposing modernism, individualism, cultural degeneracy, democracy, and all socialist or Marxist myths; while upholding the spiritual, aristocratic, environmental, and warrior values of tradition. Static conservatism must not control us, but, certain values and underlying ideas must serve as a foundation. By expressing these values in new ways, we ensure society never abandons our core pillars. We seek to secure political interests by attaining cultural hegemony, ensuring the transformation of consciousness and culture, not through triumph of any particular political party.

“Loyalty is stronger than fire”

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OUR GOALS / Mission Statement.

Mentor the youth

To steer and guide the youth: aiming to detoxify those who have fallen under the spell of either Left-wing or neoconservative populism and encourage them to take a stand against these decaying, and degenerate elements.

awareness of traditional values

To spark a new awareness of culturally traditional values in the streets, universities, workplaces, and homes. By supporting and integrating political action, we can engage in new activist tactics and political informational battles.

Build the warrior mindset

To build the warrior’s spirit, and promote exposure of oneself to living one’s life physically healthy, by building a community promoting physical training, self-defense, and preparedness.

Find a way to the future

To identify a path towards an eternal order of hierarchical and aristocratic views of social interactions, even when no path is likely.

Establish connections world wide

To establish and develop contacts with transcontinental & Pan-European allies, to ensure coordination of the goals, and the means to meet them, learning from those already entrenched within these traditional ideas.

Contribute to the fight

To provide a distinctive contribution to the political battle currently waging by offering its solidarity, and to present ourselves chiefly as a metapolitical movement.